Bankruptcy Attorneys

You have a beautiful home, and you do not want to lose it in foreclosure, repossession, or bankruptcy. When you begin searching for Parkland bankruptcy attorneys, you want to find someone who will listen to your concerns and help you through this difficult time.

Brodzki Jacobs & Brook is your judgment-free, safe, and caring law firm that will help you with filing bankruptcy. There are many reasons why you may find yourself in this situation. For some people, it can be the loss of a job; for others, perhaps a divorce or insurmountable medical bills. Whatever the reason you find yourself looking at filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can help.

Our law firm has helped many residents in Coral Springs and Parkland come out from under the crushing weight of debt. Now it is time for our bankruptcy attorneys to help you.

Our Bankruptcy Attorneys Will Help Determine Whether to File Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

Trying to decide between filing a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not easy. Ultimately, your financial situation will be the determining factor. Our bankruptcy attorneys look out for your best interest when making this decision.

The goal of filing for bankruptcy in Broward County is to help you get out of debt. Once your debts are discharged, you can begin again and rebuild your financial status with peace of mind.

When you get behind in your bills, the creditors start calling. Not knowing if the next phone call is going to be someone asking for money can add incredible stress to your life. We can help eliminate that stress by taking over the calls with the creditors. When you have proper representation from bankruptcy attorneys, creditors are no longer allowed to bother you. If they call, simply refer them to our office.

Creditor harassment, wage garnishment, fear of repossession, and foreclosure will all come to an end once you file bankruptcy in Broward County. Our legal team has helped countless individuals in Parkland and Coral Springs emerge from bankruptcy without losing their homes or other valuable assets. Depending on the type of bankruptcy you file, you may be able to hold onto your assets – rather than surrendering them to the courts. It is our job to help you file the bankruptcy that is right for you.

Our legal team at Brodzki Jacobs & Brook will be present with you at all bankruptcy hearings. We handle and address the concerns of the trustee throughout the process. Contact us at (954) 344-7737.