Divorce After a Month

Getting a divorce after a month of marriage may not seem likely, but it can happen. It is hard to imagine going through all of the preparation and expense of a wedding, only to end it all just one month later. Or, perhaps you went to the courthouse and did not realize your mistake until a few weeks later.

What happens that would cause a couple to get a divorce after a month?

Many different reasons could lead two people to happily unwedded ever after, such as:

  • A hasty wedding – you meet someone and think it is love at first sight (when it is really just your hormones talking). Jumping into a speedy marriage before you have had a chance to get to know someone can lead to a fast divorce.
  • Unrealistic expectations – perhaps you have been dating a while, and you thought that marriage would change your partner. (It did not!) Maybe you felt that married life would be different from what it is. In either case, unrealistic expectations tend to arise after marital bliss disappears.
  • Abusive behavior – some people do a great job of covering up their true nature until after saying “I do.” Only then may you find out that your partner has abusive tendencies.
  • Prior uncertainties – there are times when one or both individuals get a sense ahead of time that something is not right. However, calling off the wedding may seem problematic. It may not take long before realizing that it was a big mistake.
  • Infidelity – you find out that your partner has been or is cheating on you. Unfortunately, this is all too common for people who get married out of need due to an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Lying – you discover your partner has been untruthful about job, substance abuse, previous relationships, gambling, money, legal issues, children, or other essential facts.
  • Age – getting married at a very young age, before you know what you want, can impact you rather quickly.

What to Do If You Are Considering Getting a Divorce After a Month of Marriage

It may be hard to admit that you made a mistake. However, do not let fear or insecurity stand in the way of making a crucial decision. Getting a divorce after a month is not impossible. It may be your only way out of a difficult situation. If the cause of your desire to end your marriage is abuse or illegal activity, it is imperative that you seek legal assistance right away. Your life and your freedom could depend on it.

Even if the only reason why you want a divorce is that you know this is not the right relationship for you, it is essential to act as soon as possible. Do not give a second thought to what others might say. This is your life, and it is vital to take the actions that best protect your well-being.

You may also qualify for an annulment rather than getting a divorce. Check out our blog “Annulment vs. Divorce: What Is the Difference?” for more information on this option.

In either case, please contact our office to speak with one of our Coral Springs attorneys at Brodzki Jacobs to discuss your options. We are here to provide answers to your questions. Contact us at (954) 344-7737.